Sienna Miller: Style Evolution

Raise your hand if you’ve seen a Sienna Miller movie? OK, just a few of you … Hmm. Now, raise your hand if you seen Sienna Miller in a fashion magazine or tabloid? Yep, that’s what I thought.

This British babe is probably better known for her celebrity style (and, uhh, multiple married boyfriends) than she is for her acting chops, but that doesn’t make us love her any less. She totally has a hippie, “I just threw this on” vibe, paired with a London city-girl trendiness. The result is completely unique, if not always something we’d personally want to wear.

To help dissect the styles of celebrity fashion icon Sienna Miller, we’ve asked Philip Bloch, who has styled practically everyone (the dude gets around), including Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock, and we’ve tapped hair and makeup pro Alejandra Nerizagal, who’s prettied-up Mariah Carey and Alicia Silverstone.

Read on to see how a girl with only minor action on her imdb page is scoring major coverage everywhere else, and get some style inspiration for your next “I look like I’m not trying but I actually put a lot of thought into this so you better appreciate it, dangit” look. Because Sienna Miller isn’t the only one who can be unique, right?

Image: Getty Images