Rihanna: Her Style Evolution

Before Lady Gaga was running around in her “bubble dress” or Katy Perry was kissing girls with no pants on, Rihanna was making waves with her totally unique haircut — not to mention her always-daring, never-boring outfits.

While some may argue that she’s been dethroned as the celebrity style queen of shock, we still can’t wait to see what creative and unique look she’ll step out in (and secretly wish we had the guts to try her cropped ‘do, sigh).

Are you obsessed with Rihanna too? Would you gladly be part of her entourage? Maybe be the person who walks her dog or carries her umbrella-ella-ella? (Sorry, couldn’t help ourselves.) If so, then you’ll love our insider look into Rihanna’s style.

So what is the secret to Rihanna’s rocker/pop look? That’s what we asked celebrity makeup artist Gita Bass and celeb hairstylist Dean Banowetz. What they revealed: crazy-good insight into Rihanna’s best — and worst — celebrity fashion head-to-toe looks.

Keep reading and you’ll learn how you can make Rihanna’s style work for you, whether you’re on a sold-out world tour … or just chillin’ in your friend’s basement. Hey, you never know when the record company could come knocking, we say it’s best to be prepared with a how-could-you-NOT-notice-me look.

Image: PR Photos