Rihanna: Her Style Evolution

Check out her style high and low points, plus get expert tips to make her look your own

Rihanna Style Evolution High Ponytail

Ponytail pleaser (and teaser)

Ponies are playful; ponies are predictable; ponies are … stylish? Indeed, says Banowetz, if you work it the way Rihanna did here, as she showed us a blending of textures (curlier tail, straighter top and bangs) that fully made magic. It showed a keen sense of know-how for Rihanna to strut this stuff; you can pull it off, too.

Step 1: Slick back your hair and pull it into a tight, high pony.

Step 2: Next, tightly curl small sections of the tail (a curling iron works best), and then finger tousle each section.