Rihanna: Her Style Evolution

Check out her style high and low points, plus get expert tips to make her look your own

Rihanna Style Evolution Sideswept Hairstyle

Sweet, bring on the sass

Hello, cleavage … and also, hello, sensational move for this up-and-coming singer. In 2006, we see Rihanna taking more risks (hair, makeup, and fashion alike), and she can, Bass says, thanks to good genes and a great sense of style. In this photo, we see a more confident, comfortable Rihanna, wearing a slinkier dress, sassier earrings, and her hair swept dramatically to cover an eye (tres flirty).

The result is sweet, kicked up a notch, and according to Banowetz, it worked with what she was doing in that stage of her life: first album and meshing with other teenish pop stars we loved back in the day, like Brit and Jess (Spears and Simpson, in case you didn’t catch that).