Quiz: Your Perfect Prom Dress

Your prom dress is a big deal, we get it. You want something that’s totally you, that’ll look amazing while you’re shakin’ it on the dance floor (or making out in the corner, whatevs) and one that no one else will be wearing (talk about drama).

So what’s a girl to do? Scour every mall, shopping Web site and boutique within reach? Nah — who’s got the time for that? You have a life, thank you very much, and we get that too. Prom dress shopping should be simple and quick, and with this quiz that’s just what it’ll be.

Answer a couple questions and we’ll tell you what prom dress style will totally suit your look and make you the prom queen — tiara or no tiara. Plus, we’ll even throw in some pointers to make your hair and makeup match your prom dress to a tee.

Think about it: a couple questions and you’ve got your perfect prom dress. Obviously, if you still want to spend hours trying on dresses feel free, heck, sometimes that’s more fun than the actual dance.

Ooo, fun game: go to the mall with a group of your friends and challenge each other to find the ugliest dress you can and try them on together. Winner gets the food court treat of her choice. Just be careful: odds are some style-challenged girls will be sporting those dresses on the big night — try not to laugh too hard when you see them. That’s no way for a self-appointed prom queen to act.

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