Readers’ Wardrobe Malfunctions

We’ve all had a wardrobe malfunction (although few as public as Janet Jackson’s little Super Bowl mishap) — skirt tucked into our underwear, bathing suit top slips up, pants bust a seam. But for some reason it’s a lot funnier when it happens to other people, right?

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Maybe it makes you feel better about your own embarrassing moments (a friendly reminder that it really does happen to everyone), or maybe you just like laughing at other peoples’ misfortune (er, I hope that’s not the case). Whatever your reason, get ready to LOL at these hilariously cringe-worthy wardrobe malfunctions.

We got real readers to spill their absolute most embarrassing moments — or ones that happened to their “friends” (yeah, we’re so not buying that). Plus, we even got a guy to share his horrendous wardrobe malfunction — yep, it happens to guys too, although they seem better at laughing at themselves for some reason.

Have you had an embarrassing wardrobe mishap? Please share it in the comments. It’ll feel good to get the story out, and you may brighten the day of a poor girl who just looked down at her white pants and realized it’s “that time of the month” (we feel for ya).

Haven’t had a fashion-related embarrassing moment? Um, OK, don’t really believe you, but that’s cool. You can just vote for your favorite story among this lot by commenting below. A word of warning: it’s going to be tough to pick your favorite wardrobe malfunction, there are some doozies coming up, just wait and see.

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