Readers’ Wardrobe Malfunctions

guy wardrobe malfunction

See, it happens to guys too …

“I’m a guy and I’ve had one particularly embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. I lived in an apartment complex that had sidewalks on the top of a very small hill. One morning I woke up and threw on some PJ bottoms and a shirt because I heard it raining and I knew my windows [in my car] were down. So as I’m walking down the incline there is a car driving by going down the main street and there was this woman in the car and she pointed at me and was laughing as she drove by. I was confused at first and then I took a second to appraise my wardrobe to see if something was off, and I noticed that ALL of my um … ‘junk’ had fallen out of the hole in the front of the pants. I immediately took care of the situation and instead of getting embarrassed I started laughing. I took care of my vehicle’s windows and quickly ran inside to tell my girlfriend the story. We still laugh about that to this day and that was several years ago.”