Lady Gaga’s Extreme Looks

I still can’t decide if Lady Gaga is downright crazy or freaky-fabulous. She’s sported some insane, completely un-wearable looks in the past (with more to come, I’m sure), but for some reason I can’t get enough of her outlandish style.

Apparently a lot of people feel this way. Living in Hollywood means I’ve seen at least 10 Lady Gaga look-a-likes this past week. I could’ve passed the real Lady Gaga and wouldn’t have known. She has definitely started a trend, and there are probably more people obsessed with the singer than not.

My favorite Gaga look has to be the spiky halo made of hair paired with a lacy, completely see-through jumpsuit … while wearing just a G-string underneath. Or maybe the weird space-looking corset she wore to the Grammy Awards with seashells covering her boobs. Or maybe her trademark hair bow topping her head, I just squeal every time I see it. It’s just so … Gaga.

Click here to see her extreme looks

OK, so she’s not necessarily the queen of celebrity fashion, but she has so much fun with her outfits and that’s what makes her so fabulous. Right little monsters? Even though you might not wear any of these looks, you can’t deny that you’re totally transfixed by Lady Gaga’s style.

So get your Gaga fix by scrolling through the gallery of her best looks over the years. If you’re still not on board the Gaga train, just give Bad Romance and Paparazzi a few listens, and you’ll be in no time. Because there’s no denying it — The Fame Monster is here, and she’s here to stay.

Click here to see her extreme looks