Craziest Looks at Fashion Week

Putty in hair, green lipstick? We saw it all and lots more backstage at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week

Fashion Week Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson

Frankly, I’d be crushed if Betsey Johnson did simple hair and makeup, so I was thrilled to see that she stuck with her usual over-the-top look. Bright green eye shadow and hot pink lips, courtesy of Stila makeup artist Sarah Lucero, aren’t exactly wearable together — but you could try one or the other if you’re feeling bold.

For the hair, hairstylist Peter Gray for Redken said his inspiration was a girl who didn’t know how to use hair products (clearly). So he slathered on conditioner — no rinsing — pomade, gel and who knows what else into random sections of hair. Then he twisted some parts, braided others and put in plenty of neon-colored hair elastics to finish it up.