11 New Halloween Costume Ideas

Since you don't want to be a fairy or Marilyn Monroe again this year

halloween costume ideas betty white

Betty White

The woman is 88, and while for many that may signal a time of retirement and picking up hobbies like knitting, Betty White is just reaching her prime. Though she is best known for her role on “Golden Girls,” she’s been showing up everywhere lately. Forget Justin Bieber, we’ve got White fever! Just to prove how hot this mama still is, White booty danced with Sandra Bullock at the Teen Choice Awards and even came out with her very own pin-up calendar! If you want to be eternally youthful, you can’t get more fabulous than our sweet Betty.

Get her look: Jennings says the hair is crucial to get this look. Buy a white-blonde wig with curls in it or just curl it yourself. For your makeup, you want to achieve that mature look, so instead of hiding wrinkles, you’ll want to emphasize them. A trick that Jennings uses to age people is to shine a flashlight under your face, which will show all the imperfections and etches in your skin. Then, periodically scrunch areas of your face and stipple (with a sponge) foundation over the lines, so that the foundation sticks in the grooves. To deepen your faux wrinkles, go over the lines with a coffee-colored pencil and a white pencil. If you have pointy arches, use an eyebrow pencil to round them out like upside down smiles.

The rest of your makeup should be minimal. For your lips, use a coral pink lipstick like Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Nectarine, $22 to match a coral pink suit. Any boxy suit with a matching skirt that was once popular in the ’80s would work for your outfit. Then throw on a pearl necklace and earrings to complete your ladylike Betty White look.