11 New Halloween Costume Ideas

Since you don't want to be a fairy or Marilyn Monroe again this year

halloween costume ideas lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan

I pretty much know everything there is to know about Lindsay Lohan this year, including what she wore, what she ate, where she went clubbing on Friday night — even down to the nail art she wore on her itty bitty little finger. The paparazzi were all over this chick like bees on honey this year. With the never-ending releases of her nude magazine covers, her court trial airing on TV, and, of course, the dramatic coverage of her exodus into jail and rehab, Lilo’s alcohol abuse has made her the buzz topic of 2010 — a fabulous choice for your Halloween costume. If you’re not totally sick of her yet that is.

Get her look: Jennings says Lindsay always has dewy skin in her paparazzi shots, so you want to use a highlighter on your cheeks and nose. He warns to avoid the forehead so as to not look shiny in pictures. For Lindsay’s glam makeup look, you want to emulate a softer version of Gaga’s eye makeup. Wear lots of mascara on both top and bottom and just one set of false lashes. Then wear a nude lipstick before going over it with a pink lip gloss like Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss, $19 for extra sparkle. For final touches, wear a long blonde wig, paint “F*** U” on your nails, then hold a set of prison bars over your face all night long.