11 New Halloween Costume Ideas

Since you don't want to be a fairy or Marilyn Monroe again this year

halloween costume ideas paris hilton

Paris Hilton

Oh Paris Hilton, say it ain’t so. This year, Paris got herself sued by a hair extension company for wearing the wrong hair extensions, then got arrested for cocaine possession. “But officer, I thought it was gum. That’s cocaine?!” I’m paraphrasing, but really, Paris, you shouldn’t lie about your new Chanel purse not being yours after tweeting a picture of it to your 34,322 followers. Not your brightest moment. Our tribute to Paris’ cocaine/Chanel purse drama-rama: Turn her into a Halloween costume.

Get her look: For Paris Hilton, you really want to focus on the lips. Line your lips with a lip pencil, then color them in with a pinky lipstick before layering it with gloss. “Whenever you look at Paris, she always looks pinky,” Jennings says, “so you want to focus on the pink tones in your lips and also your cheeks.” For your eye shadow, use a taupe nude color like MAC Pigment in Melon, $19.50. Mascara and false lashes will finish the look. Add a blonde wig and carry around a bedazzled cell phone.