10 Trends to Try in 2011

See what makeup, hair and fashion trends you'll be most excited about in 2011

gwyneth paltrow 2011 makeup

2011 Trend to try: Un-done makeup

Over and over makeup artists were talking about looks that were soft and intentionally smudged. Gwyneth Paltrow here is a great example. See how her soft smoky eyes, blush and light lipstick don’t look too precise or “done?” That’s the idea you’re going for. The best part is it’s so easy to do. Just apply your normal makeup and spend a little extra time blending it so it looks all smudgy — kind of like it does at the end of the day. And you can skip things like lip liner and go for a softer lip look by patting on lipstick with your finger. And if your shadow creases or your lip color goes slightly out of the lines? It’s all part of the trend, man.