Quiz: Your Shoe Personality?

Is this quiz going to change your life? Uh, no. Will it provide upwards of 5 minutes of entertainment — and even a little insight into your personality and fashion sense? Heck yes. So why not take a few moments and try it out? I mean, it’s about shoes, what more do you need?

Oh, did the shoes get your attention? Yeah, thought that might. Because no matter what your fashion style is, odds are you love shoes. Who doesn’t? They’re fun, they’re pretty, they can totally make an outfit, they give you blisters (whoops, that’s one of the few reasons not to love shoes). So you know you love shoes, but do you know what kind of shoe you would be — er, if you were a shoe? Probably not. But with this quiz, you can find out, and see how to work your signature shoe into your wardrobe and beauty routine.

Of course, your shoe personality can change. One day you might be a sneaker, the next a flip-flop — it totally depends on how you’re feeling that day. So you may want to take this quiz more than once — you know, just to make sure your shoe choice is accurate. I’d hate to have you wearing the wrong shoe for your personality on a daily basis, that would be tragic. If, you know, tragedy amounted to wearing flats on a high-heel personality day.

OK, enough with the ridiculousness, just scroll down, start answering the quiz questions and have a laugh. [pb-quiz-maker id=”94068″]