9 Fashion Week Secrets Revealed

After a week in the trenches -- er, tents -- we've got the insider scoop on what you never knew about Fashion Week

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Products are used in the weirdest ways

Now, I’m not accusing the hair and makeup artists of being illiterate, but it would seem that some of them don’t bother to read the labels on products. Otherwise, why would they be using eyeshadow on lips, lip gloss on eyes, hairspray as gel and nail polish as jewelry?? Oh right, because all of those things totally work.

Some of my favorite “creative” uses:

• At the Vena Cava show, Noni for Butter London nail polish painted bands of polish on the models’ fingers like rings. She says it’ll last about 12 to 24 hours depending on how often you wash your hands.

• At the Christian Siriano show, MAC makeup artist Polly Osmond used lip gloss instead of eyeshadow. She says to apply it with your finger for best results.

• At Vera Wang, Moroccanoil hairstylist Orlando Pita used light hold hairspray on damp hair before blow drying (in place of gel or mousse) to give hair volume.

• At Naeem Khan, instead of using a nude shade of lipstick, MAC makeup artist Kristin Gallegos just used concealer (it lasts longer too).