Spring Trend Swaps

Spring 2011 is bringing us some majorly cool hair, makeup and fashion trends. With so many things “in,” it can be tough to decide what to try first. One option is to try them all — at once — buuuut, that’ll probably make you look like a complete trend junkie, not so good.

So instead of jumping on the bandwagon for every spring trend, just check out this handy guide. Find the fall trends you were all about and then you’ll see the spring trend that’s your perfect style match. For example, are rocking navy blue smoky eyes on a near-daily basis? Then you should try a lavender smoky eye, sure to be one of the hottest spring 2011 makeup trends.

Click here to see spring 2011 trends.

Intrigued by our genius system? Can’t say that I blame you, it is pretty fool proof. Plus it’s way easier than scouring fashion and beauty blogs and buying out the mall for your spring wardrobe. All you have to do is skim the list, pick your faves and get trendifying (OK, so it’s not a word but you should still do it).

Aside from the awesome fashion, makeup and hair trends in spring, you know what else I love? Ditching my heavy coat for the next few months, ahhh, freedom! What do you love most about spring? The flowers, the sunshine, the makeup? Since you’re reading this, makeup seems like a good bet, but you should still share your vote in the comments. Let the spring love begin …

Click here to see spring 2011 trends.