Dare: I Let My Boyfriend Dress Me

I’m the first to admit that I can get into a clothing rut sometimes. I’ll wear the same outfits over and over because it’s easy, and when I want to switch things up I head to the mall instead of “shopping my closet.”

But after a “discussion” with my boyfriend when I remarked I had nothing to wear and he pointed out the closet overflowing with clothes and shoes, a challenge was presented: could a pair of fresh (male) eyes make more use out of my closet than I was?

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And so our latest Beauty Riot Dare was born. For one week my boyfriend would pick out my clothes each day, from head to toe. This has some very serious pros and cons:

Pro: I can spend the time I usually use scanning my closet to sleep in, read the newspaper, whatever.

Con: I have to ignore my control-freak instincts and let someone (albeit someone I love, but still) root through my clothes.

Pro: My boyfriend actually has decent style sense and dresses himself very well with no help from me.

Con: He also has a bizarre sense of humor and would probably find it absolutely hilarious to send me to work in my “Golden Girls” costume and wig from last Halloween.

Pro: I might discover some clothing combos I would have never thought of on my own.

Con: It’s been years since I’ve cleaned out my closet so it’s entirely likely I’ll end up in something I despise.

Clearly, this fashion dare was not an easy decision, but I went for it. Wait until you see what happened …

Click here to see our dare: I let my boyfriend dress me.