Dare: I Let My Boyfriend Dress Me

One editor lets her boyfriend pick out her clothes for a week; see the hilarious results here

skinny jeans

Day 2: “Evil” Sarah

I’ve actually worn something pretty similar to this before, so it wasn’t really out of my comfort zone. However, while I do own and occasionally wear skinny jeans, I hate them. They’re constricting and I feel like they emphasize my curves, but not in a good way. So when I do wear them it’s usually with a longer top to hide my hips/butt area, so I wasn’t too thrilled with this shorter shirt. I also wasn’t a huge fan of wearing a wool jacket in spring, even in my air conditioned office it was pretty toasty. James said this was his “evil Sarah” outfit, so I wore a slightly-heavier-than-usual application of black eyeliner to go with the role.