Dare: I Let My Boyfriend Dress Me

One editor lets her boyfriend pick out her clothes for a week; see the hilarious results here

office fashion

Day 5: Oooh, fancy

Our office is pretty casual, so these gray slacks haven’t seen the light of day since my job interview — three years ago. They’re paired with a shirt I rarely wear since the blousy cut makes me look pregnant. James’ solution: tuck it in. Muuuuch better (not really).

He was getting more into accessories though. He picked out the pink shoes to add some color to my outfit, then, upon hearing that I did not own a matching pink necklace, declared that I should wear my sunglasses on my head — all freaking day — because the inner lining of the earpieces match. I’m torn between being impressed with his attention to detail and annoyed by, well, wearing sunglasses indoors all day.

On the plus side, it’s Friday so at least this is the last outfit I have to wear in front of my co-workers. Homestretch, baby!