Summer-to-Fall Fashion Dare

Every year, as the threat of school loomed in the hot August air, I remember wishing I had a million dollars. (Actually, I still have that wish, and not just in August.) If I had a million dollars, I could buy a ton of clothes — cool clothes — and given the year, these imaginary fall fashions would help me blend in or stand out. The reality? I wore the same frayed jeans from the year before, and a top from Old Navy. The same top 30 other girls in my school bought.

Shocking surprise: I’m still waiting on that million dollars. In the meantime, I’m trying an experiment to stretch my fall fashion dollars. I asked four staffers if they would model a classic summer look. Then, I spoke with fashion blogger Jessica Quirk of What I Wore, on how to take these summer looks into the fall. Finally, the staffers were asked to make the changes suggested by the stylist only using items they owned. Curious what happened?

Click here to learn how to take your summer look into fall.

Hopefully, these transformations will give you a little more hope when it comes to fall fashion. They did for me. Because honestly, you really don’t need a million dollars to look fabulous. But, in case you do have a little cash to spend this fall, I also got a few tips on the hottest fall fashion trends for 2011 from fashion stylist Ashley Roberts.

Click here to learn how to take your summer look into fall.