Fall Style: 5 DIY Accessories

It’s almost September, which means the weather gets cooler, the sale signs start going up, and the slumbering shopaholic inside of me begins to stir. My philosophy has always been: New school year, new look. And I’ll admit it — I’ve kept this motto even after I graduated.

But since buying a whole new wardrobe is out of the question (I’m trying to be more responsible here, come on), I go for the option that doesn’t cost a ton of money. Accessories. I love how they can enhance your otherwise plain wardrobe, and — like it or not –they can make or break an entire outfit.

Check out five DIY fall accessories with step-by-steps here.

In past years, I scoured Etsy and Piperlime to buy every must-have accessory for fall. Headbands, necklaces, bracelets, you name it. But this year, I had a thought. Rather than clicking “buy” and waiting forever for it to come in the mail, what if I was crafty enough to make them myself?

Using expert tips from stylist and fashion editor Stephanie Rygorsky, I came up with five different accessories that play up 2011 fashion trends — from a vintage headpiece to a shirt necklace. Making your own accessories can really give you that “something-something” to put an extra bounce in your step when you go back to school; and come the first day of class, you’ll have no worries of clashing with someone else. Plus, all of these materials can be found for super cheap at a craft store, so you won’t break your budget, no matter how small it is. Now, are you ready to become an accessory-maker extraordinaire? Let’s get started.

Check out five DIY fall accessories with step-by-steps here.