What Stylish Girls Are Buying

You know the feeling. You search for hours, flip through countless racks, and scour shelves. Then, finally, you find the one item that completes your new fashion vision. It’s perfect — and for a brief second, you think you hear angels sing in the distance. OK, maybe that’s just the music from the store’s speakers, but it sounds heavenly to you. Does any of this seem familiar? We thought so. After all, most girls have scored at least one fashion item that’s worthy of an in-store scream.

With the vision of the perfect purchase still lingering in our minds, we decided to hit the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, Calif. to see what clothes and trendy accessories stylish shoppers couldn’t wait to show off this winter. So, we did what any normal editors would do. We chased, stalked, and called out to any fashionable girl we saw. In return, our master photog ended up with a limp (heels are NOT made for running), but it was totally worth it. Hey, no pain, no gain! In the end, we got a bunch of girls to empty their bags and share their favorite fashion purchase.

And not only that, but we also got them to tell us how they plan to style the crazy prints, bold colors, and vintage pieces they bought. (They also revealed where they got their goodies, just in case you fall in love.) Great style ideas + awesome street fashion pics … what more could you ask for?

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