Real Girls Wear: Holiday Party Looks

The holidays are here, which means LOTS of parties. Yay! But what to wear? Hmmm ... How about one of these looks from our favorite fashion bloggers? Perfect

chiara ferragni fashion blogger of the blond salad holiday looks

Sexy Nutcracker

Have a few — OK, a lot of — extra bucks? If so, mix some designer pieces into your holiday outfit, like Chiara of The Blonde Salad. She combines a form-fitting military jacket with sequin shorts, (pieces that you can definitely pick up at H&M), but finishes the look with her self-designed Chiara Ferragni ankle boots and a (designer) Chanel purse.

Wear it yourself tip: Sleek military style jackets are flattering for all figures. Plus, their ornate details, like buckles, buttons, and lapels, add that extra oomph to any outfit.