Golden Globes: Best Dress of Every Color

When we watch an awards show, we want to be WOW-ed. The host has to make us laugh, the awards should be well deserved, and the speeches need to be tissue-worthy. But the most important thing? The red carpet must be fun to watch.

In other words, we don’t want to see a sea of black and white when we turn on the TV. Sure it’s classy, but it’s also a total snooze fest. (Safe fashion = Zzzz.) In fact, when we see a lack of variety in the celebs’ fashion choices, we usually don’t make it through the first 30 minutes without zoning out.

We’re not gonna lie. This year’s Golden Globes had it’s fair share of snoozers, but right when we went to switch the channel a few celebs finally appeared in bright pops of color. (Real fashion risks = applause.) Think red laser cut gowns, purple ruffles, and bright green mosaic patterns. Oh, and one young colorfully clad celeb even showed up with white hair. How’s that for red carpet upset?

So, in the spirit of honoring great fashion risks, we decided to pick our favorite looks based on the colors of the rainbow. Though it was a tough decision (so many great reds!), we narrowed it down to the dresses that really stuck out. Find out who dazzled in a sequined yellow gown, which star wore hot pink, and who paired the right jewels with her teal green dress.

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