One Celeb Hairstylist’s Secret Weapons

When Kristen Stewart wants to darken her hair color or Cate Blanchett wants to freshen up her highlights, who do they call? Celebrity hairstylist Jennifer J. Owner of Juan Juan Salons in Los Angeles, Jennifer J. is one of the most sought-after colorists and trendsetters in Hollywood. Case in point: Remember when January Jones was one of the first celebs to try out the color trend with those pretty rose gold highlights? That was the work of Jennifer J. Essentially, she is a veritable master when it comes to all things hair.

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I caught up with Jennifer J. to see what products she loves most. She’s familiar with just about every hair tool and professional hair product on earth, so obviously I was curious to know what got her golden stamp of approval. Not only did Jennifer J. have some fabulous tips for maintaining your color (she is one of the world’s leading colorists, after all), she also had some great tricks for keeping your hair strong, healthy, and gorgeous — whether you dye or not.

So what made the cut? Jennifer J.’s all-time faves run the gamut from luxurious splurge items to fantastic drugstore buys. Take a peek at her ultimate list and you’ll be way ahead of the hair curve.