They’re Back! Trends from the Past

Old photos are fun to look through, but frankly, the hair, makeup, and clothes from back in the day can be downright embarrassing (for example, the crimped hair and spandex in my elementary school pictures). But while our neon-obsession was bad, it was nothing compared to some of the stuff our parents wore. All you need to do is flip through a family photo album or dig through your mom’s closet to stir up a “What were they thinking?!” fashion moment.

Of course, at the time they were actually thinking fashionably. History often repeats itself and fashion is no exception. Trends we never thought would be cool again (here’s looking at you, neon) are just that … cool again. And our generation is skilled in recycling style; dusting off past fads to be updated and reinterpreted.

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It seems like only yesterday we were playing dress up in our mom’s bellbottoms or our grandma’s pillbox hats. But now that box of kitschy items, previously reserved for theme parties or last-minute Halloween costumes, has a lot more in common with trends on the runway and in store windows today. Looks like our parents and grandparents are a lot cooler than we’d like to admit.

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