How to Get Long, Beautiful, Mermaid Hair

What is mermaid hair, you ask? Mermaid hair is every girl’s dream. Long, luscious locks that have a subtle wave (reminiscent of seaweed, of course) and smell of salt and sun epitomize mermaid hair.

Mermaid hair is not a myth. It’s attainable for landlubbers and sea spirits alike, but a strict hair regimen is necessary.

Mermaid hair is healthy hair. It’s just as thick and voluminous at the ends as it is by the roots. Therefore, the first step is to get a trim. While this may sound counterproductive if you’re trying to grow your hair out, regular trims will get rid of the dead split ends that have no place on a mermaid’s head. For bounce and shape, ask your hairstylist to cut your hair in layers, which will provide the most natural volume.

To aid in protecting your hair so you don’t get split ends in the first place, avoid washing your hair. Dry shampoo will become your BFF (perhaps only second to a grumpy crab and enthusiastic flounder fish) and your hair will thank you. Shampoo strips your hair of natural oils that protect your hair, so leaving it dirty will allow the oil to penetrate.

If you can’t stand the thought of going for more than a few days without washing your hair, supplement your natural hair oils with a mask. You can make your own at home using coconut oil, avocado, banana, olive oil, and a number of other easily accessible ingredients.

Finally, one of the best things you can do to encourage healthy hair growth is to avoid using damaging heat styling tools. Try these 10 blow dryer-free hairstyles if you want to look hot without the actual heat.

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