Copy Jennifer Lopez’s Hot ‘Dos

A celebrity stylist spills what products to use and techniques to try

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles Ponytail

Tiiiight (the pony, not the dress)

The key to nailing this sporty/sexy look is to use extensions and place the pony at just the right height.

Step 1: Start by pulling hair back into a normal ponytail that sits just below the highest point of your head. “You don’t want to see the top of the ponytail when you look straight into the mirror,” Carver says.

Step 2: Secure the ponytail in place with a rubber band. Next, wrap a small section of hair around the band to hide it. Pin this piece in place. That’s what helps take this from workout to workin’ it.

Step 3: To create volume and add width to the ponytail, clip a weft or fall of hair into the underside of the pony, placing it as close to the rubber band as possible. You can buy ponytail hair extensions at beauty supply stores, just make sure to match your color so you don’t wind up looking two-toned.

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