Copy Jennifer Lopez’s Hot ‘Dos

A celebrity stylist spills what products to use and techniques to try

Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles Waves

Sultry side wave

Honey-colored highlights like J. Lo’s can be recreated in the salon using the balayage technique, where your stylist paints on color. “This technique gives hair depth and dimension, but is subtle enough that the highlights appear to be made by the sun,” Carver says. Ask around to find a stylist in your area that uses this method. Whatever color you end up with, try this to get her waves:

Step 1: Start with slightly damp hair. Comb in a light-hold mousse like John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Mousse, $5.99, then create a deep side part.

Step 2: Blow dry hair in the opposite direction of your part (so if you parted right, blow dry left), directing the heat at the underside of your hair, to create lift at the roots.

Step 3: “This kind of retro wave is best achieved with a curling iron,” Carver says. He suggests using a 1.5-inch-barreled iron. Start with the section at the part, curling hair toward your face. Pin the curl in place so it’ll keep its shape while it cools. Curl the section directly underneath away from your face, clipping in place to cool. “The opposing curl directions will support each other, giving you nice, sculpted waves.”

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