Quiz: What’s Your Face Shape?

Finally figure it out -- no more guessing or staring at the mirror for you

You’ve seen the articles: Best haircut for your face shape, best glasses for your face shape, best lipstick for your face shape. Well, that last one is a bit of a stretch, but you get the picture.

Face shape can totally determine what hairstyles will look good on you and even what accessories you should wear, or so says celebrity hairstylist Dean Banowetz (Jennifer Hudson and Carrie Underwood can thank him for their face shape-flattering ‘dos).

Trouble is, it’s so freakin’ hard to figure out what your face shape is, right? You’ve probably been told your face is round by one friend, oval by another. Better yet, you look in the mirror and see a heart, but your boyfriend says he sees a box (translation: square). It’s enough to drive a girl to Xanax.

Instead of reaching for the pills, just take this quiz. We promise we won’t just ask you to look in the mirror and say what shape you see. Seriously, how many times have you heard that? It’s never worked for us and we doubt it has for you. Instead, we’ll take you through step by step — and give tips on the best looks for your face shape, now that you finally, definitely, totally for sure know what it is.

Image: Getty Images

The Quiz