10 Blow Dryer-Free Hairstyles

You don't need ANY heat tools to style your hair. Don't believe us? See how these celebs pulled off 100 percent completely natural hairstyles (with the help of a little product)

Kim Kardashian Blow Dryer-Free Hairstyle

Get sleek without the slick

Works best on: Straight hair

How to get it: Naturally straight hair like Kim Kardashian’s looks great in either a low or high ponytail, and it’s super easy to get without the use of any tools (besides your hands and a brush).

1. Rub several drops of shine serum through dry hair. Use enough to make it silky, but not so much that it turns your hair greasy (ew).

2. Brush your hair really well with a paddle brush to smooth out any bumps or tangles. Tie it up into a sleek ponytail, brushing as you go.

3. Take a piece of hair and wrap it around the elastic for a polished finish, pin into place underneath the pony.

4. When all the other girls pass by with their limp, flat hair, flick your sleek pony in their face and laugh. Just kidding. But go ahead and flaunt your sexy look … without causing any catfights.