10 Blow Dryer-Free Hairstyles

You don't need ANY heat tools to style your hair. Don't believe us? See how these celebs pulled off 100 percent completely natural hairstyles (with the help of a little product)

Selena Gomez Blow Dryer-Free Hairstyle

Keep it together with a piece-y braid

Works best on: Straight or wavy hair

How to get it: Selena Gomez’s braid is a fun way to style your hair naturally. And it’s way hotter than the boring French braid or babyish pigtail braids.

1. Give yourself a side part, apply volumizing foam to your roots and slightly tease hair to get some natural volume.

2. Gather your hair loosely to the side, making sure to leave volume at the top of your head. Looking into a mirror, braid your hair while angling it down over your shoulder.

3. Secure the end of your braid with an elastic and let some pieces fall out of the braid, it looks cute that way.