10 Blow Dryer-Free Hairstyles

You don't need ANY heat tools to style your hair. Don't believe us? See how these celebs pulled off 100 percent completely natural hairstyles (with the help of a little product)

Sarah Michelle Gellar Blow Dryer-Free Hairstyle

A natural messy bun is oh-so-hot

Works best on: Straight, wavy or curly hair

How to get it: If you’re short on time, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s messy bun can be a dream come true.

1. Backcomb the top of your head to add a little volume. Whether your hair is straight or curly, this will add flair to your messy bun.

2. Work a wave-enhancing spray through damp hair and let it air dry halfway to bring out your natural texture. Run a little bit of shine serum over any frizzy ends.

3. Don’t brush your hair. (Hellooo, it’s a messy bun, duh!) Just use your fingers to comb your hair up towards the back of your head. Pull your hair through the elastic like you’re going to do a ponytail, but on the second time, only pull your hair through halfway, and twist the elastic around a third time, stopping in the middle and securing the messy bun.

4. Tug the bun to loosen it up and pull out a few pieces around the face. Totes re-defining the meaning of a “hot mess.”