Best Hair Trends of the 2000s

Forget the '80s and the '90s, this decade had some seriously gorgeous hairstyles

Kim Kardashian long hair

Super-Long Hair

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we’ve got Kim Kardashian’s crazy long hair. Sure, we know a lot of it is extensions, but it’s still hot.

What we love: Ask almost any guy and he’ll say that long hair is totally sexy, and we couldn’t agree more. Plus, you can toss it around, put it in a million different updos — it’s anything but boring.

Try it at home: If you have the time and your hair is healthy enough, you could let it grow to this length (keep up with regular trims so you don’t get a ton of split ends). Or you can go the easier route and use clip-in extensions. Just be sure to match your hair color as close as possible so you don’t get a weird two-toned effect.