Best Hair Trends of the 2000s

Jessica Alba wavy hairstyle

Beachy Waves

Jessica Alba’s beachy waves are the perfect example of this hairstyle (Gisele and the rest of the Victoria’s Secret gang are also prime ambassadors for this look).

What we love: The soft and natural look (yeah, yeah, we know most of the time it’s not natural at all), and the carefree and sexy vibe of the waves.

Try it at home: If you’re lucky enough to have natural waves, then apply a little frizz-fighting cream to your hair in sections, gently shake each section to coax out your waves and let them air dry.

If you’re like the rest of us and aren’t born with lovely waves, blow dry your hair using a round brush to get it mostly straight (but don’t worry about making it perfect). Then, use a curling iron to wrap sections of hair around the iron. Use different size sections of hair and twirl the iron in different directions to keep it looking random. Gently finger comb your hair to loosen the curls into waves.