Best Hair Trends of the 2000s

Forget the '80s and the '90s, this decade had some seriously gorgeous hairstyles

Christina Hendricks red hair color

Red Hair (natural or otherwise)

Lately, it seems like red is the new blonde and celebrities like Christina Hendricks having been hitting the (hair dye) bottle. In case you were wondering, she’s a natural blonde, but the red looks real, doesn’t it?

What we love: Red is an extreme “notice me” color, way more so than brunette or blonde. Dying your hair red (or if you’re lucky enough to come by it naturally) is a sure-fire way to get lots of attention.

Try it at home: If going red would be an extreme color change, your best bet is to leave it to the pros. Once your hair is red, use hair products made for color-treated hair, don’t shampoo often and always protect your hair from the sun. The only downside of red hair is that it fades faster than any other dye, so you’ll want to do everything you can to make it last.