Odd Secrets from Fashion Week

Did your invitation to Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week get lost in the mail? That’s OK, we braved the crowded backstage area — fighting past the super-strict fashion girls with their “backstage lists,” through the throngs of Amazonian models, getting elbowed in the head more than once by burly camera men — all so we could report back to you.

So here it is: the real deal of what happens backstage at Fashion Week. From the crazy products and methods used to get the models runway-ready, to the wacky ideas designers come up with as their “inspiration.”

This is so not the glossed and glamorous Fashion Week you see in the magazines, this is the true-to-life, no airbrushing and no fibbing story. And it isn’t always pretty.

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While there is some major drama that often happens backstage, it of course isn’t all bad. That’s why we’ll also clue you in to some cool tips the hardworking hairstylists and makeup artists shared with us. And man, we’re not joking when we say hardworking. Sometimes these guys have to get dozens of models ready to go in mere minutes — and anything less than perfection is not an option. Talk about pressure, but they handle it amazingly. And if you think being a model is as easy as putting on a dress and walking down a runway, you’re in for a big surprise.

Click here to see the odd secrets from Fashion Week.