Odd Secrets from Fashion Week

Ever wonder what happens backstage at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week? We've got all the dirty details

Fashion Week Mandy Coon

How did you say that with a straight face?

Every look for every show has an inspiration: which ranges from “what looked good with the clothes” to “overly elaborate story that barely makes sense.” Below are a few of our favorites (swear we didn’t make these up):

Inspiration at Gary Graham: “A melancholy Cleopatra.”

The inspiration at Michael Angel: “Fascism — but with sparkles.”

Inspiration at Philosophy di Alberta Ferreti: “Miss Hawaii in the early 50s, Hedley Lamar, tanned, golden.”

The inspiration at Ruffian: “Susan Travers, the only woman to officially serve in the French Foreign Legion, after she’s been working in the dessert.”

The inspiration at Mandy Coon: “Jellyfish.” Yes, jellyfish (see the finished look on the left).