Best Updos for Your Face Shape

Having medium or long hair is great — that is, until the weather heats up and it all turns into a sweaty mess.

Since that whole “hair plastered to the back of your neck” thing isn’t a trend this year (dangit), why not try updo hairstyles instead? And not just any updo, but one perfectly suited for your face shape. After all, you got a haircut that perfectly flattered your face, why blow all that effort on a ponytail or bun that leaves your round face rounder or your square face squarey-er?

Click here to see the best updo for your face shape.

Another reason to wear a face shape-flattering updo: if your hairstyle makes your face look even more fab than usual, you can skip or minimize your makeup, perfect for summer. To get your look, follow these steps:

Step 1: Figure out your face shape (obviously). If you’re not sure, take this face shape quiz to nail it down, all official-like.

Step 2: Come on back to this gallery and click through to see the best and worst updos for your face shape.

Step 3: Style your hair in one of your “best” looks and, uh, skip the worst ones — but you probably knew that.

Step 4: Head outside and enjoy the feeling of the breeze on the back of your neck, and don’t forget your sunscreen.

Click here to see the best updo for your face shape.