The Best Highlights for Your Hair

Growing up, it was always the “cool girls” that had highlights. I didn’t really know what highlights were; all I knew was that my mom wouldn’t let me get them. (Hence, I wasn’t a “cool girl.”) She also kept me from dyeing my hair throughout my teens by claiming it would “make all my hair fall out.” Then, my mom would go and dye her hair. Oh, the irony.

Now that I’m older, I can dye my hair whatever color I’d like, and occasionally, I do — but I’m still a highlight virgin. Maybe it’s my wimpy-ness when it comes to hair color (see more hair color ideas here). Or maybe I see too many bad highlight hair jobs, like skunk streaks or brassy, dull color.

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Either way, I needed to get over this hair highlight phobia. So I called hair colorist, Marco Pelusi, owner of the Marco Pelusi Hair Studio, Inc. in West Hollywood, Calif. He explained the ins and outs of highlighting your hair, and what type of highlights look best with what hair color.

Together we complied this gallery of celeb hair colors that run the spectrum, from Gwen Stefani’s bleached white look to Katy Perry’s black-as-night hue. And Pelusi had suggestions for every shade. So, simply find your shade and hear what one colorist advises when it comes to highlights. Then, make your appointment. I just might join you.

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