You Voted: Best Hair in Hollywood

The results are finally in! After hundreds of votes, we've found the best celebrity hairstyles in Hollywood. Ah, the excitement. Drumroll, please ...

anne hathaway best celebrity hair

Best Hair Overall: Anne Hathaway

Thank you. While I wish this were an award for my hosting duties at the 2011 Academy Awards, I know that’s not going to happen. Thanks James Franco. But you have to admit, my hair looked good. Actually not just good, but great, really, really great. Come to think of it, my hair always looks great.

Now I can’t share all my secrets … but since you were kind enough to give me this award, I guess I can spill one of them. For perfect waves, mist your wet hair with salt spray, and loosely braid it. When your hair is almost dry, undo the braids … Voila! Stylish waves. So simple. You’re welcome.