You Voted: Best Hair in Hollywood

The results are finally in! After hundreds of votes, we've found the best celebrity hairstyles in Hollywood. Ah, the excitement. Drumroll, please ...

kim kardashian long hairstyle

Best Long Hair: Kim Kardashian

OMG. Thank you! Thank you. First, I’d like to thank my hair for always looking shiny and spectacular, especially throughout my four-hour Fairy Tale Wedding Special. (Make sure to catch my hair on my four-hour Fairy Tale Honeymoon, and for a more tousled look, tune in for my four-hour Fairy Tale Babymaking Special, only on E!)

But seriously people, the real reason my hair looks so damn good — besides my 15 traveling stylists — is because I know my face shape. If you don’t know yours, you need to take this quiz. Trust.