You Voted: Best Hair in Hollywood

The results are finally in! After hundreds of votes, we've found the best celebrity hairstyles in Hollywood. Ah, the excitement. Drumroll, please ...

taylor swift best natural curls hairstyle

Best Natural Curls: Taylor Swift

Thanks y’all! I just love awards. I’ve won about a billion of them, but never for my hair. This is actually inspiring some new song ideas — and I could use the material. I’ve already covered my ex-crush Drew, my breakup with Joe Jonas, and Kanye’s little meltdown … but no curly hair song. Gotta go. Thanks for the idea.

Oh, but first, here’s my top curly hair tip. To get my soft, perfect curls, apply an anti-frizz curl cream to your hair section by section, and gently shake your hair so your curls form naturally. Then just let it air-dry to keep that nasty heat damage to a minimum. Works like magic.

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