Holiday Hair and Makeup For Your Face Shape

Want to stand out in a sea of LBDs this holiday? We've got you covered.

amanda seyfried heart face shape hairstyle

Hairstyle for Heart Faces Like Amanda Seyfried’s: Layers Balance a Narrow Chin

Since you have broader cheeks and a narrower chin, you want to wear a style that is fuller on the bottom half of your hair to help widen the appearance of your jaw area, says Stone. A smooth blowout will give your hair tons of body, and it’ll also make your face look more proportionate.

Here’s how to get Amanda Seyfried’s voluminous hairstyle:

1. Start by applying a golf ball-sized amount of volumizing mousse to your hands, and work it into your hair, especially focusing on the roots, says hairstylist Jake Dingler.

2. Lift up a 2-inch section of hair and blow dry it under low heat using a round brush. Right after you go over the section, wrap it around a large roller and clip it to your head. Do this to all of your hair, and let the rollers cool for 20 minutes.

3. Once they’re cool, unwind the rollers and brush through your hair with a paddle brush. Rake a small amount of shine serum from the midshaft of your hair to the ends to smooth any flyaways, says Dingler.