Readers Share Their Oily Hair Tips

What’s your biggest beauty complaint? I asked my girlfriends this question, and instead of answers like “facial hair” or “excessive sweating,” most of them complained about oily hair. They confessed to not skipping a wash for fear of staining their pillow (gross, but true), and buying a new bottle of dry shampoo every month because they use it up so fast.

Turns out my friends are not the only ones with this problem. After posting about oily hair on Facebook and Twitter, I got a ton of reader responses — and tips — about struggling with the grease beast.

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Not gonna lie; some of the tips were a little out there. Hair dye? Mint leaves? Cocoa powder? While they were intriguing, I wanted to make sure they were all the right things to do to your hair. So I asked a few hair experts to weigh in with their opinions.

Check out their advice and find out how to get rid of oily hair here. And if your favorite tip isn’t on this list, leave it in the comment section below. Then, click here to see the top-rated oily hair products.