Best Oscar Hair & Makeup

I’ll admit it. While watching the Oscars every year, I usually focus on the dresses. From the color and fabric choices to the details and designer trademarks, I never get tired of looking at beautiful gowns … until now. Let’s just say, I had an epiphany.

As much as I love the dresses, chances are I’ll never a. have the money to buy one, b. have a place to wear one, or c. be able to look as spectacular in one as say, uber fit Gwyneth Paltrow. OK, that wasn’t the epiphany. (I’d be bonkers if I actually thought options a. through c. could actually happen.) My sudden realization was that while I could never obtain Oscar dress perfection, I could still master all the amazing red carpet hair and makeup looks.

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Whereas dresses involve money, fit, and opportunity, great hair and makeup don’t. You can recreate great makeup looks with drugstore products, or use award show hair to inspire your latest style, even if you’re just heading to the mall. So instead of drooling over unattainable gowns, I’ve decided to spend my time narrowing down the best celebrity hair and makeup looks of the night.

While it was difficult, I managed to round up the top 10 looks from Oscar night. And I gathered some tips, tricks, and steps for how to look just like the stars. Now, I just need to figure out why I’d been wasting all my time looking at those dresses?

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