Be the Hottest One on Your Summer Vacay

Pack your plane ticket, your sunscreen, and these tips to spend summer vacay at your most beautiful

Be the Hottest One on Your Summer Vacay

Every summer, my girlfriends and I take a summer trip. It’s the perfect way to relax, have fun, and reconnect — especially since some of us live hundreds of miles away from one another.

But these trips are way different than our college days. Back then, we would spend weeks picking the perfect location (aka, the area with the biggest party potential), somehow manage to squeeze eight girls into a tiny hotel room, and do the whole empty water bottle vodka trick. Oh, and there was always someone in our group who landed a hot guy on the beach and came back home with a great hook-up story.

Now that we’re a little bit older, we opt for more restive locales, and no more awkward sleeping arrangements. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is that we still want to look our best. So before this vacay, I call the pros for the best summer skin beauty tips and hottest vacation looks. Then, I tell my girls. (Sharing is caring.)

I’ve also decided to share them with you. (I know, I’m waaaay too nice.) Now you can be on top of this summer’s best hair, beauty, and fashion trends. Click here for my complete summer vacation guide.