Be the Hottest One on Your Summer Vacay

Pack your plane ticket, your sunscreen, and these tips to spend summer vacay at your most beautiful

spring break glossy hair

Tip no. 3: Stay afloat in the sea of dry and tangled hairstyles

When you let your hair down on the beach, it’s bound to get over-exposed to the salt, sun, and sand. Here’s how to conquer those elements and get smooth, glossy, bouncy hair:

Apply a conditioning hair mask to your towel-dried hair and twist it into a bun. Then right when you get to the beach, take it out and shake out your hair, says hairstylist Andi Scarbrough of Byu-Ti Salon. The heat from the sun will open up the cuticle and let the conditioner penetrate more deeply. “Everyone else may look dry, leathery, and frizzy, but at least your hair will be totally touchable,” says Scarbrough.