Stylish Ways to De-Clutter

You can buy plastic bins at the dollar store to organize your beauty products, OR try some of these über creative ways to keep things in order

Rake jewelry Organizer

Rake Organizer

Sure, you can buy little hooks to hang your necklaces, but we like this rustic, shabby-chic take on jewelry organization. And it’s so easy …

What You Need:

• old rake

• screw and screwdriver

• sandpaper (optional)

• Rustoleum (optional)


1. Unscrew the handle from the old rake.

2. If the rake is rusted, sand off the rust or cover the metal with an anti-rust spray paint like Rustoleum.

3. Drill the screw into the wall/ door of where you’d like the rake to hang.

4. Hang the rake on the screw, rake prongs down. Arrange your necklaces on the prongs.