9 Secrets from the Makeup Counter

I’ll freely admit I spend way too much time at department store makeup counters. But can you blame me? You get to play with new products, get free makeovers, and hear compliments like “that lipstick looks amazing, you’ve got the prettiest mouth.”

Of course, it’s not all rosy comments and free spritzes of perfume. After the initial chitchat comes the hard sell and I usually walk away spending more than I really should have (or can even afford). How do they do that?

Click here to see what a makeup counter salesperson won’t tell you.

After yet another afternoon at the makeup counters — and another lipstick purchase I really did not need to make — I decided to do some digging, and see just what tricks these makeup saleswomen have up their sleeves that get me to buy some much stuff. What I found: some truly shocking surprises (you’ll see what I mean).

Keep reading to find out what really happens behind the counter, why your free makeover isn’t free at all, and other secrets makeup counter salespeople don’t want you to know.